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Textile implants and surgical needles

SERAG-WIESSNER has been manufacturing textile implants, surgical sutures, surgical needles, infusion and rinsing solutions according to the latest state-of-the-art research and technology for more than 150 years. In addition, interdisciplinary teams of external and internal physicians, pharmacists, biologists, chemists and engineers develop new, better and more compatible materials as well as novel treatment options.

Textile implants

When developing textile implants, SERAG-WIESSNER takes into account both the needs of patients and doctors. In order to ensure maximum compatibility, function and efficiency, interdisciplinary research and development has been going on between doctors, scientists and engineers for many years. This intensive exchange not only gives rise to ideas for groundbreaking materials, but also for new treatment methods.

Surgical needles

The atraumatic needles used in surgery must meet a wide variety of requirements. SERAG-WIESSNER offers a wide range of needles suitable for the most diverse indications. Only stainless steel needles with excellent material properties are used here, enabling safe and easy work for the operating surgeon.