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Bioresorbable implants

The world’s leading manufacturer of regenerative solutions. Bioresorbable implants are the first of their kind to be successfully developed and marketed for surgical application. Osteopore implants allow the bone to heal in a natural way. They consist of a bioresorbable polymer which dissolves over time and leaves behind only natural, healthy bones. As a result, the rate of complications after the operation is considerably reduced in comparison to permanent implants.

Craniotomy – Osteoplug®

The interconnected porosity of the Osteoplug® material provides a vascular interface for ingrowth to adjacent bone.

Craniosynostosis – Osteomesh®

Osteomesh® achieves excellent results in cranial remodeling, allowing progenitor cells to regenerate tissue leaving only bone without long-term complications.

Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Skull Base Surgery– Osteomesh®

Osteomesh® is the ideal implant for reconstruction of a skull bone defect that should easily fit through the nasal passage.

Burr Hole Restoration with Shunt Drainage System - Osteoplug®-C

Shunt systems are commonly used by surgeons to treat the high intracranial pressure associated with hydrocephalus. Osteoplug®-C was specially developed to avoid skin indentations caused by drill holes.

Burr Hole Restoration after Subdural Hematoma Evacuation – Osteoplug®

With a one-step plug, the Osteoplug® solution fits snugly into the drill holes – and requires no additional time investment.