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Merit Medical

Embolotherapy and guide wires / microcatheters

Merit’s embolization products are the best studied on the market and provide efficient and safe administration as well as predictable results. The company offers both Bearing nsPVA® Embolization Particles and Embosphere® microspheres, which are approved for numerous procedures, including the embolization of uterine fibroids (UFE) and the embolization of the prostate artery (PAE). Embosphere® microspheres from Merit have already been used in more than 340,000 procedures and are the subject of more than 120 peer-reviewed clinical articles.

EmboCube® is the only approved pre-cut gel foam for intraarterial injection packaged in a 10 ml syringe for rapid preparation. Depending on the requirements of the procedure, EmboCube® can offer two injection options: Slurry or cubes.

To complete the portfolio, Merit also offers drug releasing embolic HepaSphere™ microspheres for transarterial chemoembolization. In combination with doxorubicin and irinotecan for the treatment of HCC and colorectal metastases in the liver, HepaSphere™ Microspheres offers a variety of treatments. The 10-year literature shows a significant response in the treatment of HCC.

Merit also offers a range of unique and solution-oriented microcatheters, such as the SwiftNINJA®, Maestro® and pursue™. Each device offers a special advantage that allows doctors to achieve their best results.


Merit Medical’s embolotherapy portfolio reflects the company’s commitment to delivering clinically proven and data-driven embolization outcomes. The company’s proprietary embolization products are the best-studied on the market, enabling efficient and safe use and predictable outcomes.

© Merit Medical, reproduced with permission

Guide wires / Microcatheters

Merit has the solutions to your biggest challenges. The company offers a complete range of microcatheters and guide wires so you can focus on achieving optimal results. Exclusive to Merit, SwiftNINJA®, the first steerable microcatheter on the market, helps you navigate any complex vasculature thanks to its 180° bent tip.

© Merit Medical, reproduced with permission