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Biopsy devices, intervention needles and special needles

Since 2000, Medax’s core business has been the development, manufacture and marketing of biopsy devices, intervention needles and special needles that meet market and user demand.

Over the past 18 years, Medax has focused on the development of minimally invasive surgical needles and devices, mainly in the field of biopsy. Thanks to this experience, Medax can now offer a complete catalogue and a wide range of biopsy devices and special needles, which are mainly used in the fields of radiology, interventional radiology, oncology and haematology.

With an expert distribution network focused on customer service, Medax has established itself worldwide as a reference company for the development and manufacture of medical devices, capable of responding quickly and reliably to the needs of customers and professionals in this field.


Hematology/Clinical Oncology - Bone Marrow Biopsy



Urological biopsy

Interventional Radiology – Biopsies