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dalim tissen

CollaStat: The ideal surgical hemostasis solution for a range of bleeding types

When control of bleeding by ligature or conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical (except in ophthalmic procedures) CollaStat is the ideal surgical haemostatic solution for a range of bleeding types.

Faster and Easier Preparation

No need for Thrombin Reconstitution Procedure

Rapid and Effective Hemostasis

Controlling active bleeding within 1~5 minutes due to synergistic action of Collagen and Thrombin

Synergistic Haemostasis Action of Collegen and Thrombin

Collagen granules absorb blood and exudate into their porous structure, expanding by 10~20% (see illustration below).

This results in a tamponade effect which in turn creates an effective haemostasis process.

CollaStat collagen induces platelet adhesion and completes platelet activation with Von Willebrand Factor.

CollaStat thrombin activates fibrinogen, turning it into fibrin.


A hemostat that controls of bleeding rapidly and
effectively at bleeding sites during surgery.